• SOAP - Your PR shower

    SOAP has its own fresh vision on PR. Of course we do the common things for our brands, like send out press releases and present new collections. But we also like to leave the well-trodden paths and look for new, original ways to help our brands spread their story.

    Discover our vision, the things we do and the brands we work for. Perhaps we can do the same for you?

    How it all started

    Femke Bolsens studied Roman Languages (French & Spanish) at the University of Leuven.


    After graduating, she did several communication jobs. In 2010 she started working as a PR officer and copywriter, first at PR’ins, later at Pravda. She worked for a variety of local and international fashion and lifestyle brands. It was love at first sight, however, after more than three years she felt it was time to take a fresh start. As she wanted to continue doing what she likes the most, she decided to set up her own PR agency: SOAP.

  • What We Do


    SOAP represents a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands, from young Belgian designers to established international brands. Every one of them has its own story, character and needs. What works for one brand, doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why we think they all deserve a personal treat. Are you ready for a personal yet all round approach?


    SOAP helps you position your brand in the media and connect with your target group.


    SOAP draws you a personal PR & Media plan, based on the specific character and needs of your brand.


    SOAP constantly looks for PR opportunities for your brand.


    SOAP writes and sends out your press releases. We use the right words and send them out to the right people.


    SOAP loves your brand and loves to show it on social media. We share your story and your news on our Facebook page.


    SOAP has a strong network of journalists, stylists and bloggers.


    SOAP gives you a monthly feedback on media results. Because in the end, it’s the result that counts.


    SOAP loves to come up with and work out original concepts for events and make sure the right people are invited.


    SOAP can look for brand ambassadors. We have a good celebrity network and help you find someone who reflects your brand’s identity.


    SOAP can do more. So feel free to share your ideas. We will be happy to help you!


  • Contact


    Allewaertstraat 26

    2000 Antwerpen


    Phone : +32 485 40 10 44

    E-mail : femke@soap-pr.be